Benefits of Plastics

Though much is discussed about the disadvantages of using plastics, plastics have a lot of advantages, which are not brought to light.
Benefits of using plastics can be broadly categorized into the following:

* General Benefits
* Environmental Benefits
* Packaging Benefits

General Benefits of Plastics:
With today’s use of sophistication in every facet of society, convenience and cost effective are two (2) key necessities for the success of a product in the commercial market. Plastic products can be found everywhere in the market today owing to its ability to satisfy the above-mentioned requirements.

The benefits of using plastics include:
Easy to use and clean
Break-resistant and shatterproof
Fits every season and every reason
Free from chemical processes like rusting
Durability and Light weight
Availability in various sizes and shapes to suit various needs

Environmental Benefits due to Plastics:
Plastics have proved to be beneficial in terms of the conservation of our environmental resources.
The usage of plastics in construction and household articles conserves energy and dramatically reduces emissions of greenhouse gases.
Manufacturing of plastics requires fewer raw materials, energy and the waste generated during the manufacturing process is recyclable.
Re-usability of plastics reduces the trash disposal costs and extends landfill capacity.
With the usage of plastics, tree cutting for supplying raw materials to paper industries can be minimized.

Plastics Packaging Benefits:
Packaging plays a vital role in determining the quality of the product. Products with excellent qualities, when not packed properly for transportation and storage looses their grade. Plastic Packaging meets all the requirements of a perfect packaging system.
In the Food processing industry, plastic packaging helps to protect food products against contamination and retain desired temperatures longer.
In the Automobile sector, many industries prefer to receive their supplies and ship their products in reusable plastic shipping containers (RPSC's) rather than single use corrugated boxes.

Returnable containers are also used in meat packaging industries.
Plastic packaging provides the ultimate protection in packaging office machines, entertainment units, computer components and other delicate products.

The ability to withstand the stresses during transportation and the capability to protect the particles from foreign agents like dust and germs has made plastic the ultimate packing agents for all kinds of particles.