Our Facility

Mikko Plastics places great emphasis in utilizing robust machinery to produce quality products and to meet demand capacity.
Our machines are strategically aligned by production units to achieve the following:
• Seamless production process using micro-processor controlled machinery.
• High production efficiency and production out-put
• Reduce production time while reducing waste.

Mikko Plastics is equipped with the following machinery:
• Kabra Kolsite Extrusion Technical Multi-Layer with Rotating/Oscillation Blown Film Plants.
• Kabra Kolsite Extrusion Technical IBC Multi-Layer, with Houl-Off rotating Blown Film Plants. The first of its kind in Nigeria.
• Automated Raw Material Mixer Machines
• Dungmung Taiwan Mono Layer with treated Machines

Mikko Plastics operates a wide range of High-speed extrusion machines to extrude the following materials:
• Polypropylene (PP)
• High molecular High Density (HMHD)
• Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

The materials are extruded by the rotating platform process, which ensures the uniform thickness of the product. Poly rolls of PP having the width ranging from 4 inches to 28 inches and HMHD of width ranging from 4 inches to 48 inches with thickness varying from 20 microns to 200 microns can be extruded in transparent form; Master Batch colors can also be used. Our products are extruded from virgin raw materials, hence there are recyclable and eco friendly.

* Rotogravure Printing Machines
* Flexographic printing machines
* Slitting-Rewinder machines

Mikko Plastics’ wide range of Flexographic and Rotogravure printing presses prints various designs on poly bags, shopping carry bags, polyester film, BOPP film, etc. Our flexographic printing press ranges from 2 colors to 10 colors and our top end Rotogravure machines prints up to 6 colors. These versatile presses have intrinsic qualities like high glass, fast setting, better dot gain, reproduction and trouble free performance while printing.

Laminating Machines
Mikko Plastic operates the latest high performance Lamination machine to laminate various poly films and foil. The Company has a fully integrated in-house equipment to provide high quality flexible packaging solution for various application like processed food, instant mix, confectionary snacks, , salts, grocery items, sea foods, chemicals, detergents, frozen meat products, etc.

• Multipurpose Bag making and Side Seal Machines
• XL Bottom Seal and Side Seal Machines
• Wide Width Sealing Machines

We have wide range of cutting/bag making machines to manufacture poly bags with the following features:
• D punch
• Side and bottom sealing
• Side and bottom gusset

Power Resources:
Mikko Plastics houses and Transformer and Power Generator sets of 635 KVA 725 KVA and 1000 KVA (2).